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Because After All, It’s All About Me #40….

1. What is your most admired athlete of all time?

A: Ted Williams

2. What is the most common compliment that people give you?

A: That I have the prettiest teeth & smile…
3. what’s your favorite football team (any level)?

A: Dallas Cowboys

4. What was the last movie you saw at the theater ?

A: Pirates 3

5. What is the #1 place you would like to visit in the world?

A: Japan


Because After All, It’s All About Me #39….

1. What do you think of this whole Opie and Anthony getting suspended thing? Do you think XM went too far? Why/why not?

A: Overblown

2. Do you consider yourself smarter than most people? Why/why not?

A: Yes, An IQ test told me so…

3. Do you ever go to the movies versus staying at home and waiting to rent them or see them on the tube?

A: I’m getting more in the watch them at home mode, cause people just don’t know how to act anymore…

4. Where is the most unusual place you’ve fallen asleep?

A: In the tailgate of a pickup truck in college (the first time around) on the way to “borrow” a goat with my pledge class to let loose in another Frat’s house…

5. If you could be an expert in any one subject, what would it be?

A: Women, of course….


Because After All, It’s All About Me #38

1. What is the most amount of cash that you’ve ever held in your hands at one time?

A: $300,000 in 100’s. When I worked for the casinos in Tunica

2. Who is your favorite all time movie villian?

A: Tony Montana

3. What is the last movie you saw in the theater?

A: Spiderman 3

4. If you could suddenly speak one language fluently (that you don’t currently speak) what would it be?

A: Japanese or Chinese

5. If you could take a year-long vacation, what would you do?

A: Take a yacht you could live on. Fill it up with all the comforts of home. Travel all around the entire world. Ferry my friends in and out as we visit different countries…..

6. Who is your favorite TV Chef:

A: Rachel Ray


Because After All, It’s All About Me # 37….

Game On

1. What’s your favourite system to play video games on?

A: Xbox 360
2. Have you tried a Nintendo Wii yet? What did you think?

A: Yes, Love it…
3. If you were to star in your own video game, what would your quest be?

A: Rescue someone….
4. Would you rather date Mario or Luigi? Lara Croft or Princess Toadstool?

A: Lara Croft- Angeline Jolie w/ British accent. yummmy….
5. What’s your favourite movie based on a video game?

A: none so far, they’ve pretty much all sucked….


Because After All, It’s All About Me #36

Horses and Tequila

1. Do you gamble?

A: Love It. Not in a degenerate gambler way, but more in a James Bond kind of way. Go chill, have some food and drinks with friends and girlfriends, have some fun…

2. Have you ever rode a horse?

A: Yeah, I’m damn near Roy Rogers. Must have been all the Lone Ranger I watched as a kid.

3. Do you drink alcohol?

A: Yeah, but only socially when out with friends or in with girlfriends. But I do love the whole Rat Pack/ Tiki Bar TV culture….

4. What is your favorite Mexican food?

A: Tacos

5. On Saturday, I plan to ____.

A: Go watch Spidey 3….


Because After All, It’s All About Me #35…..

1. What’s something that used to be good but now is lame?

A: usually SNL, but they have their moments…

2. What’s something that used to be lame but now is good?

A: I’d have to think….

3. What’s something you used to feel strongly about, but are now ambivalent about?

A: Politics
4. What’s something you used to feel ambivalent about, but now have strong feelings about?

A: how people treat other people…

5. What’s something you used to dislike but now love?

A: gadgets….


Because After All, It’s All About Me #34…


Q1 – Your Life: If your life were an audition for a movie, what part would you say you were auditioning for, and what part do you think you’d be offered?

A: The long-suffering good guy who takes everybody’s shit, but ends up winning in the end.


Q2 – Food: What is your favorite sandwich?

A: A Philly Cheesesteak sandwich

Q3 – Fast Food: Putting aside for a moment how bad you know it is for you, what is your favorite fast food meal?

A: a Plain Big Mac with cheese and large French Fries & a Dr. Pepper

Q4 – Email: When you open your email in-box for the first time each day, which messages do you read first? Do you read them in reverse chronological order or do you pick and choose which ones to read first based on a different priority?

A: I answer them in order of who I am most excited to talk to/like, and then go down the line of my liking you….

Q5 – Multitasking: Eighty percent of us claim to be multitaskers, and nearly two-thirds of all multitaskers consider themselves good at it. How about you…are you a multitasker? If so, do you multitask by choice or design?

A: Unless I’m giving my attention to a person, I’m always multi-tasking. Hell right now, while answering this question- I’m :

1. Talking on Myspace

2. Watching a Netflix movie

3. doing laundry

4. petting my cat Rose

5. surfing the net

6. loading my ipod with new music/podcasts

7. eating a ham & cheese sandwich


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