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You Really Are Good & Numb, Aren’t You?

Hard Candy is a film that has that punch in the face quality that you find in much of Andrew Vachss’s noir novels. Now this story wasn’t written by him, but it very well could have been.

The film opens with a IM conversation between a 14-year-old girl and a grown man. They meet in a coffee shop and they go back to his place. The story looks like it is leading into every parent’s nightmare scenario about what could happen to their daughters.

But then it takes a hard right turn, where we find out that the pedophile is the one who is really in for it. Haley, the teenage girl played masterfully by 19-year old X-men III:The Last Stand cutie Ellen Page, drugs the man and then proceeds to interrogate him about what he has done, what he was going to do and what made him what he is.

This is a great film which will provoke many discussions about it. It went over big at Sundance. If Ellen’s performances continue at this level, then this is the breakthrough project heralding a major new talent on the scene.

Check this one out if you get the chance….