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So, Do You Trust Me Now, Brendan?

Hi Y’all,

The movie Brick is a near-perfect film noir. Or in this case, High School Noir. Take the slang and plot of a 1940’s film noir and set it among the environs and kids of the modern day high school setting.

It has all the classic elements of a great old hard-boiled tale. The Loner Antihero-Brendan, The Ex-Lover Murder Victim- Emily, The Femme Fatale- Laura, The Hophead- Dode, The Criminal Mastermind- The Pin, The Hired Muscle- Tugger, The Maneater- Kara. All the archetypes are here in the story.

And what a story it is.

The story opens with Brendan, a guy who has cut himself off from his friends after his old girlfriend broke up with him awhile back. He has become a loner who is isn’t interested in the high school goings on.

Until that is, he gets a mysterious note in his locker asking him to be at a phone booth to receive a call from the ex-girlfriend. He goes to the booth, where he gets a call from Emily. She has got herself in deep trouble and needs his help. She gets spooked and hangs up on him.

She disappears, which leads Brendan to dive into finding her to see if she is okay. When he eventually finds her murdered body, then its all about finding who put her in front of the gun.

He has to move into the rich drugged-out circles which she left him for. Which leads him to find out that Emily had got herself mixed up with the town’s drug kingpin and his missing brick of drugs.

Brendan gets himself in deep in order to find out what really happened to the only girl he has ever loved. He finally finds out the truth of what went on, but has to put things right.

Brick is a excellent little movie which came out of nowhere to win some awards at the Sundance Film Festival. It is a tightly plotted movie from a first time filmmaker.

It has many excellent performances in it, especially Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily De Ravin, & Nora Zehetner as Brendan, Emily and Laura, respectively. Their work in the movie really does power the movie from beginning to end.