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Attack Of The Kung Fu Sex Bombs….

Hi Y’all,

I just picked up the new Heroes for Hire book out of Marvel and it is pretty kicking. The team of Palmiotti/Gray from the previous Daughters Of The Dragon limited series is back for this go round and they put together a pretty good little initial issue.

It introduces the new set-up for the DoD,. They become bounty hunters for the government set during the Marvel Civil War. They deal with Iron Man’s group with the express demand that they will only grab the costumed lowlifes, but they will not go after the other heroes. Misty Knight demands to use Stark’s resources and pick her team from anybody she wants. He agrees.

So the team she picks is composed of Misty herself, Colleen Wing, Black Cat, Shang Chi, Humbug, Orka, Paladin, and a new Latina female Tarantula. We can only wish that Iron Fist and Cage were in this series, but alas not this go around as they are neck deep in the Marvel Civil War. Hopefully later on they will be….